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Old Skool NES USB Controller

Retro Gaming on Modern Devices

Experience the nostalgia of NES gaming on your PC or Mac with the Old Skool NES USB Controller. This controller combines the classic NES design with modern functionality, allowing you to enjoy your favorite PC games with the iconic feel of a NES controller.

  • Classic Design with Modern Compatibility
    • Eight-Way Directional Pad: Navigate through games with precision, thanks to the classic eight-way directional pad.
    • Four Digital Buttons: Offers the essential button layout of the NES controller, ideal for a wide range of PC games.
    • USB Connectivity: Effortless installation on both PC and Mac, ensuring quick setup and immediate play.

Ideal for PC and Mac Gamers

Whether you're a retro gaming enthusiast or a modern gamer with a taste for nostalgia, the Old Skool NES USB Controller is your bridge between eras. It's perfect for those who want to relive the simplicity and charm of NES gaming while playing contemporary games on their computer.
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