Join Our Minecraft Server: FSG Vanilla 1.20.6

Welcome to Our Minecraft Server

(Also join us on ModPack ATM9: To the Sky here: fsgsky9.apexmc.co)

Fourth Space Games' official server, FSG Vanilla, now running the latest 1.20.6 version. With Aura Skills 2.1, players can enjoy an enhanced RPG experience that complements the classic Minecraft gameplay.

Aura Skills 2.1

Aura Skills 2.1 introduces a range of new skills, abilities, and stats to enrich your gameplay. Whether it's improving your farming efficiency with Growth Aura or honing your combat abilities with Parry and Retrieval, there's a breadth of new content to explore.

Economy and Trade

Our server features a dedicated shop world where players can set up their own stores. This economy system allows for buying, selling, and trading with others, providing a dynamic market environment.

Land Claiming

Secure your territory with our land claiming feature, designed to protect your builds and possessions in a straightforward manner.

Level-Scaled Mobs

As you progress, so do the challenges. Mobs on our server adapt to your level, ensuring that the gameplay remains engaging from beginning to end.

Server Map

Visit http://fsgvanilla.apexmc.co:5080/ to view our server map.

Joining Instructions

To join, open Minecraft, select Multiplayer, and enter our server address: fsgvanilla.apexmc.co

Community Engagement

Regular events like "Minecraft Mondays" offer opportunities to engage with fellow players.

Feedback and Support

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, we welcome your feedback. Please reach out to us through our Discord to help make FSG Vanilla an even better place to play.

Join FSG Vanilla today for a unique Minecraft experience that blends traditional gameplay with innovative new features.