We are proud to announce that we will be hosting the Freedom Faceoff on the 4th of July weekend alongside Lowtier Circuit!

Introducing our first 4v4 Call of Duty event since 2020!

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Trade-In Guide

Welcome to Fourth Space Games’ Trade-In Guide. Follow these simple steps and refer to our pricing below: (Last updated: 02-28-24)

  1. Prepare Your Items: Clean and organize your items. For trading cards, remove from binders and sort by rarity and value. For tech items, clean and organize cables; don’t attempt repairs.
  2. Bring in Your Items: Please remain patient while we look through your things.
  3. Appraisal: We assess your items based on their condition and cleanliness. Please understand that in-store customers are served first.
  4. Get Paid: After appraisal, receive your offer in cash or store credit.

Detailed Pricing Guide

Please keep in mind, if you sort your cards following the lists below, you will receive a better offer. Unsorted collections are considered random cards, and will be offered Common price.

Trading Cards: Separate cards of value! We offer individually on the good cards!

  • Pokemon:
    • Random Cards/Common/Uncommon: $8 (cash) or $12 (credit) per 1000 cards
    • Random Holo (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Promo): $16 (cash) or $24 (credit) per 1000 cards
    • Collectible Figure/Pin/Jumbo Cards: $0.50 (cash) or $1.00 (credit) each
    • CODE Card: $0.01 (cash) or $0.01 (credit) each
  • Digimon:
    • Random Cards: $10 (cash) or $15 (credit) per 1000 cards
  • One Piece TCG:
    • Random Cards: $10 (cash) or $15 (credit) per 1000 cards
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • Random Cards: $3 (cash) or $5 (credit) per 1000 cards
    • Random Rares: $60 (cash) or $90 (credit) per 1000 cards
    • Random Mythics: $120 (cash) or $200 (credit) per 1000 cards
  • YuGiOh:
    • We are currently not accepting YuGiOh

Gaming Accessories:

  • Playmat: $4 (cash) or $6 (credit)
  • Deck Box: Prices vary based on condition and type/brand.

Tech Stuff: Usually only when we are running short on them.

  • HDMI Cable, Miscellaneous AV Cables, USB C Cable: $0.50 (cash) or $1.00 (credit) each
  • USB Mini Cable, USB Micro Cable: $0.25 (cash) or $0.50 (credit) each

Video Games and Consoles:

  • Prices are calculated based on condition, popularity, current price, and competitors’ pricing.

Books: We are extremely picky about books. D&D Books need to be in good condition. Strategy Guides can’t be mangled, and we do not take all of them.

  • Prices vary based on condition and popularity.

Please note, we reserve the right to refuse any items and to change prices without notice. Prices may also vary based on the volume and overall condition of the items.