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Old Skool N64 Controller - Grape


Embrace the rich essence of gaming history with the Old Skool N64 Controller in Grape. This luscious, deep purple controller is a royal tribute to the beloved Nintendo 64 era, ideal for gamers who seek a dash of regal flair in their gaming setup.

  • Design and Compatibility
    • Regal Retro Style: Maintains the iconic N64 controller design, offering that classic ergonomic feel, now dressed in a luxurious grape hue.
    • Royal Gameplay: Effortlessly compatible with your N64 console, this controller is ready to rule your gaming kingdom straight out of the box.
  • Functionality
    • Majestic Button Array: Features 10 regal buttons, including crucial Left and Right shoulder functions and a Z-trigger, for commanding control in every game.
    • Noble Precision: The analog stick delivers unparalleled accuracy, crucial for those critical moments in gaming quests.
    • D-Pad of Destiny: The legendary D-pad offers the classic tactile gaming feel, essential for navigating through the realms of classic N64 adventures.
  • Build Quality
    • Durably Majestic: Crafted to endure even the most epic of gaming marathons.
    • Elegant and Enchanting: The grape color is not just visually appealing; it's a statement of your distinguished gaming taste.
  • Additional Features
    • Extended Reign: Comes with a 6-foot cable, granting you the freedom to play from your throne of choice.
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