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Old Skool N64 Controller - Fire Orange


Ignite your gaming passion with the Old Skool N64 Controller in Fire Orange. This controller brings the heat to the classic Nintendo 64 experience, perfect for gamers who like their gameplay intense and their style fiery.

  • Design and Compatibility
    • Blazing Retro Design: Inherits the iconic N64 controller design, offering that familiar ergonomic feel, now in an electrifying fire orange color.
    • Plug and Blaze: Ready to light up your N64 gaming sessions right out of the box. No extra gear, just pure, fiery gaming.
  • Functionality
    • Flaming Buttons: Packed with 10 active buttons, including essential shoulder functions and a Z-trigger, for a blazing gaming experience.
    • Scorching Precision: The analog stick delivers blazingly accurate control, ideal for navigating through intense gaming moments.
    • D-Pad Inferno: The legendary D-pad provides that classic tactile response, perfect for stoking the flames of retro gaming.
  • Build Quality
    • Heat-Resistant Build: Crafted to withstand the fervor of passionate gaming sessions.
    • Vivid and Vibrant: The fire orange color isn’t just striking; it’s a symbol of your burning gaming spirit.
  • Additional Features
    • Extended Freedom: Equipped with a 6-foot long cord, offering the flexibility to play from your preferred spot in the gaming arena.
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