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Classiq N HD Console

Retro Gaming with Modern Flair

Experience your favorite 8-bit games in crisp HD with the Classiq N HD console. Designed for enthusiasts of classic NES games, this console breathes new life into your original NES cartridges and homebrews, delivering clean visuals on your HD TV.

  • Enhanced Visual Experience
    • HD Compatibility: Enjoy classic games with enhanced clarity and detail on modern HD televisions.
    • Aspect Ratio Flexibility: Easily switch between the original 4:3 aspect ratio and widescreen 16:9 to suit your viewing preferences.
  • Designed for Gamers
    • Two 8-Bit Controllers Included: Comes with two extra comfortable controllers, allowing you and a friend to dive into gaming action immediately.
    • Plug and Play: No complicated setup required. Simply plug in your NES cartridges and start playing.

Perfect for Nostalgia and Multiplayer Fun

The Classiq N HD is perfect for gamers who want to relive the glory days of 8-bit gaming or introduce the classics to a new generation. Its user-friendly design and dual-controller setup make
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