Join the FSG Gym Leader Challenge League

Trainers, put your skills to the test in the first Fourth Space Games Gym Leader Challenge League!

Season 1 registrations are open! (Below)
Games begin on June 15th.
Registrations remain open through July.
Season 1 ends on September 1st or once all matches are completed.

Deck Building Rules:

Gym Leader Challenge (GLC) is a community-made format with the following deck construction rules:

  • Single Type: Your deck may only include one type of Pokémon.
  • No Rule Box Cards: You may not include any cards with a rule box (e.g., Pokémon-EX, GX, V, ex, Prism Star, Radiant, ACE SPEC, etc.).
  • Singleton Format: Your deck must consist of 60 cards with no duplicate named cards, except for basic energy.
  • Card Sets: You may only use cards from the Black and White Base Set and onward.
  • Ban List: Cards on the GLC Ban List are not allowed. Check the ban list here.

League Rules:

  • Duration: The league will last for two months.
  • Matches: Each player must play every other participant in the league.
  • Location: Matches can be played in person or via webcam over Discord. Joining the FSG Discord is required for scheduling matches, posting results, and viewing standings.
  • Webcam Availability: If you need a webcam, Fourth Space Games will provide a battle station for league use.
  • Format: Matches are best-of-three. 

Match Reporting and Standings:

  • Reporting: Both players must report their match results in the Fourth Space Games Discord channel (channel to be provided).
  • Standings: Current standings will be posted in a Google Spreadsheet (link to be provided).

Entry Fee and Prizing:

$5.00 Entry
Each player that joins adds 10,000 Energy to the prize pool.
Energy can be used to purchase anything in the store.
Payout/winners will be decided after entries close.

Format Resources:

Gym Leader Challenge (GLC) was created by Andrew Mahone and the team at Tricky Gym. They have a vibrant community on their Discord server where GLC is a significant focus. You can join the Tricky Gym Discord server here.

Deck lists from their tournaments are available on Limitless. Check out the decks here.

Ready to prove you're the best? Join the Fourth Space Games Gym Leader Challenge League and show off your skills!

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