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Old Skool N64 Controller - Red


Experience the heat of the game with the Old Skool N64 Controller in Red. This fiery controller is a bold homage to the classic Nintendo 64, perfect for gamers who like to play with passion and intensity.

  • Design and Compatibility
    • Fiery Retro Design: Inherits the iconic shape and feel of the original N64 controller, infused with a red-hot color for a modern twist.
    • Ready for Action: Plug this vibrant controller into your N64 console and ignite your gaming sessions. Compatible with N64 Rumble Pak and Memory Card for an enhanced experience.
  • Functionality
    • Hot Button Setup: Equipped with 10 active buttons, including the vital Left and Right shoulder functions and a Z-trigger, for dynamic and responsive gameplay.
    • Blazing Precision: The analog stick is calibrated for high-precision movements, perfect for those critical gaming moments.
    • Retro Response: The legendary D-pad brings that classic tactile gaming feel, crucial for old-school gaming and precise directional inputs.
  • Build Quality
    • Built to Last: Sturdy construction ensures it can handle the excitement of intense gaming battles.
    • Striking Appearance: The red color is not just eye-catching; it's a symbol of your fiery gaming spirit.
  • Additional Features
    • Freedom of Play: Comes with a 6-foot cable, giving you the liberty to play from your comfortable gaming zone.
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