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Old Skool N64 Controller - Black


Embark on a nostalgic journey with the Old Skool N64 Controller in Black, a perfect tribute to the legendary Nintendo 64. This controller is a must-have for retro gaming aficionados and those craving a slice of gaming history.

  • Design and Compatibility
    • Classic Reimagined: Sporting the iconic design of the original N64 controller, it offers that beloved, classic grip that veteran gamers know and love.
    • Ready to Rumble: Fully compatible with your N64 setup, this controller is your ticket back to the glory days of gaming.
  • Functionality
    • Button Bashers Rejoice: Packed with 10 active buttons including nifty Left and Right shoulder functions and the ever-important Z-trigger, it's ready for any gaming challenge.
    • Analog Precision: The analog stick boasts pinpoint accuracy, perfect for those critical in-game maneuvers or epic speed runs.
    • Directional Mastery: The legendary D-pad returns, offering that satisfying clicky feel for precise directional control.
  • Build Quality
    • Battle-Tested Durability: Crafted to endure those intense gaming marathons, this controller is as tough as the games it's meant to play.
    • Sleek and Stylish: Dressed in a classic black, it's not just a controller; it's a statement piece in your gaming arsenal.
  • Additional Features
    • Versatile Warrior: Whether you're reliving your childhood memories or discovering the golden era of gaming, this controller is your trusty sidekick.
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